Technical Assistance mission

Training on Mobility Issues and Organization of Student and Staff Exchange

The National Erasmus+ Office in Kyrgyzstan organized two day training on mobility issues and organization of student and staff exchange for the representatives of 25 HEIs from across the country at the Kyrgyz State Technical University on 25-26 April 2017. The event was attended by approximately 50 representatives of Kyrgyz HEIs.

Training objective was to increase the quality and attractiveness of the mobility at the HEIs in the Kyrgyz Republic as well as information awareness increase about the influence of mobility issues on HEIs and higher education system internationalization with an example of European experience, logistics issues and mobility procedures.

Training was conducted by FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gabriele Abermann, EC expert from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. The European expert made  presentations on European experience on mobility organization, advantages and disadvantages;  together with the participants analyzed the mobility impact on higher education system; presented information on provisions, proceedings, rules and requirements necessary for mobility organization (including dispute resolution); provided recommendations on increase of HEI’s attractiveness in mobility organization.

The training agenda covered 2 days. During that period the participants discussed urgent issues on the topic.

Organizers of the training do hope that the conducted event will contribute to enhancement of participation of the Kyrgyz HEIs in the International Credit Mobility component within the frameworks of the Erasmus+ and efficient implementation of selected ICM projects. As a consequence it will affect positively on higher education internationalization in Kyrgyzstan, which is in the HEI development strategy.



pdfCurrent Status and Trends in European Mobility

pdfStrategic Approaches and Impact of Mobility / Internationalization

pdfOrganization and Quality Assurance of Mobility Activities