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The EU Erasmus+ 2022 Information Day

International Credit Mobility

International Credit Mobility under Key Action 1 provides opportunities for students, teachers, and staff of higher education institutions to participate in short-term academic exchanges, such as study periods, teaching assignments, or training and professional development activities.

Lecture on educational opportunities in the European Union as part of the European Year of Youth at AUCA

Joint Master's Programs

Joint Master's Programs, also under Key Action 1, enable higher education institutions to develop and offer joint master's degree programs in collaboration with partner institutions from other countries. These programs provide students with the opportunity to study in multiple countries and obtain a joint or multiple degrees.

Over 800 students and faculty members studied in Europe through exchange/mobility
Over 97 scholarships were provided to Kyrgyz students to continue their Master degree in European HEIs

Erasmus Alumni Union in Kyrgyzstan

Greetings from Erasmus program Alumnus of Kyrgyzstan!
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Erasmus Alumni community gathers here.
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