Short term academic exchange
What is International Credit Mobility (ICM)?
International credit mobility is mobility (short-term exchange) projects for students and university staff that are implemented as part of Key Action 1.
In order to get the maximum benefit from the mobility project by students, the project must meet the student needs associated with learning and personal development. The period of study abroad should be part of the student’s curriculum for obtaining a degree in a short cycle, the first cycle (obtaining a bachelor’s degree or equivalent), the second cycle (Master’s degree or equivalent) and the third cycle or doctoral studies.

Who can apply?
Students of higher educational institutions and university staff can NOT directly apply for a grant; selection criteria for participation in mobility activities are determined by the institution of higher education where they study or work !!!

How are students selected?
Kyrgyz university and the receiving university must sign an Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement. Based on the agreement, the number of mobility, duration, and selection criteria are determined.

For example: Your university has an agreement with an Italian university in the field of computer science. If your study is Mechanical Engineering, then you cannot apply.

You can apply through the international office of your higher education institution.

800-900 euros / month. The size of the scholarship depends on which country the student is traveling to (high, medium, low living standards).

Students: from 3 to 12 months.