Erasmus+ project writing training

Training “Writing Erasmus+ projects on the basis of a logical and structural approach”

In order to engage new participants in the Erasmus+ program and aware participants with the features of developing project ideas and stages of preparation of project proposals, as well as improving the quality of project applications of the Erasmus+ project proposals, the National Erasmus + Office in Kyrgyzstan conducted a training on writing projects based on a logical-structural approach based on the basis of American University of Central Asia, on June 20, 2019, i.

In the educational space, the requirements for the process and for the learning outcomes, for teaching methods and technologies have changed. Universities need to keep pace with the times, so that their graduates are always in demand and competitive in the labor market.

Internationalization of universities, continuous training of teachers, usage of new teaching methods are the ways to improve the quality of education and the demand for graduates.

International projects in the field of higher education, such as Erasmus +, are aimed at increasing the potential of universities, sharing skills and knowledge, creating unique opportunities for intercultural dialogue, expanding cooperation between institutions and enriching the educational environment.

In order to obtain Erasmus+ grant, for Kyrgyz HEIs It is necessary to write successful project proposals, know how to fill up the Logical framework matrix, budget and work with them.

Participants were familiarized with the requirements of the Erasmus + project applications and selection criteria, a logical-structural approach and a logical-structural matrix.

During the training, participants worked in small groups, discussed ideas for future projects, analyzed problems, built causal relationships, monitored risks, project strengths and weaknesses, and project sustainability. One of the tasks was to draw up a budget according to the budget grid of Erasmus + projects.

All presentations are available in the Publications and Presentations section.