Development and management of PhD programs in Kyrgyzstan

Development and management of PhD programs in Kyrgyzstan

On May 30 and 31, 2016, At the International University of Kyrgyzstan took place a seminar “Development and management of PhD programmes in Kyrgyzstan”.

The seminar was organized by the National Erasmus+ Office in Kyrgyzstan.

The conference was attended by representatives of Ministry of Education and Science and by Kyrgyz Universities and experts from EU.
The main speaker was EU expert – Mr. Liviu Matei.

The main goals of the event were Introduction to the PhD educational programmes (model) in European countries: management and structure of educational programmes, accreditation, organisation of scientific – research work of PhD students.

In discussions during the conference emphasis was placed on issues such as: integration of PhD introduction in Kyrgyzstan.

Presentations can be found below:

pdfOrder of Ministry of Education and Science about PhD


pdfOutline of presentaion – Mr. Liviu Matei

pdfAccreditation of doctoral program – Mr. Liviu Matei


pdfAnalysis of issues on implementation of PhD programme in Kyrgyzstan – Head of HERE team Dr. Adamkulova Ch.

pdfReport on implementation of pilot phase of PhD programme on economics /agrarian economics, business administration at the KNU – Rector of Kyrgyz National University Dr. Adamkulova Ch.

pdfPhD programme on mechanical engineering and electric energy – Vice Rector of Kyrgyz State Technical University – Chynybaev M.

pdfPhD programme on renewable sources of energy and ecological technologies – Vice-rector of Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture prof. Dr. Boronbaev E.

pdfPhD programme on management and economics – Vice-rector of Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics Dr. Dzjumabaeva M.

pdfPhD programme on public health – International Higher School of medicine, Ms. Bajanova A.

pdfPhD programme on economics and business administration – Dean of International University of Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Bekboeva R.

pdfPhD programme in KNAU – National Coordinator of Kyrgyz State Agrarian University Davletalieva D.