Erasmus+ Programme

Opening of the first Virtual Specialized Laboratory for Logistic Engineering

On November 6, 2019 the opening ceremony of the first innovative “Virtual Laboratory” under the Erasmus + project “Development of the Bologna Master’s Program in Resource Efficient Production Logistics (ProdLog)” was held at the Kyrgyz State Technical University.

ProdLog aims at transferring production logistics knowledge to the partner countries and implementing it into the university curricula and also at transferring this knowledge from the partner countries university to the partner countries enterprises.

The Virtual Laboratory is equipped with equipment for conducting scientific research to evaluate the effectiveness, reliability and risk tolerance of agricultural transportation technologies, storage technologies, cargo handling.

The system will allow to simulate the execution of technological operations in the warehouse (order picking) and perform them using virtual glasses, which integrate technology that allows 3D navigation of operations in an automated warehouse. Also, with the help of AnyLogic simulation, the visualization of logistics systems will be implemented, allowing you to create complex models of transport and technological processes, determining the best options for cargo delivery, location and capacity of the logistics centers of Kyrgyzstan.