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The Roundtable meeting: “The improvement of the university’s international affairs – KEU experience within the Project UNIVIA”

On 7th of October, 2016 the International Relations and Innovations Department of Kyrgyz Economic University organised and hosted the roundtable meeting named “The improvement of the university’s international affairs – KEU experience within the Project UNIVIA”.

The aim of roundtable meeting was exchange of experiences with IRO staff of local universities in Kyrgyzstan within the TEMPUS project on “Development and improvement of university administration on international affairs» (UNIVIA).

The IRID of KEU shared with the following experiences: searching for international partners through local partner-universities, involvement of university departments into international projects, expansion of international networks on mobility, improvement of IRO role in overall university administration, improvement of international prestige of university, improvement of IRO working mechanisms as well as supporting university’s internationalisation strategy effectively.

Particular interests drawn to IRO administration structure changes which have been done in IRID of KEU and establishing of creative laboratories in KEU in the frame of another Erasmus+ project on Investing in Entrepreneurial Universities in Caucasus and Central Asia (EUCAINVEST).

With the aim of disemination, the short presentation has been given to local university representatives about the objectives of CreaLabs and future action plans of KEU on EUCA-INVEST project.

Moreover, during the roundtable discussion, the challenges on visa support of international students and the necessity of solution of the issue on high levelhave been identified.

In conclusion, the regular IRO roundtable meetings have been suggested to be held within Kyrgyz Republicwith the mutual consent of all participants.

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