Teaching of three pilot groups has come to an end at the KRSU “UNICO TEMPUS Center”.

Teaching of three pilot groups has come to an end at the KRSU UNICO Center of the Tempus project “Lifelong Language Learning University Centre Network for New Career Opportunities and Personal Development”. 29 course participants have got first certificates. The aim of the course was to teach academics from the Medical faculty English for Specific Purposes for them to deliver lectures to foreign medical students.

The teachers of the UNICO Center analyzed, picked up and adapted teaching materials and methodologies. A completely new syllabus was written and applied. They took into consideration the results of the trainings in Prague, Cordoba and London and introduced them in the target groups. Blog technologies were used for writing developing, Web quest – for individual and group work, Mind Maps – for lexical and grammatical tasks, Interactive Whiteboard with specific software – for various purposes of ELT. Using Quality assurance indicators for teachers, course participants and teaching materials helped to achieve rather a good level of the knowledge of English received in the target groups.

The activity of the UNICO TEMPUS Center will contribute to reforming and modernization of higher education system in Kyrgyzstan and cooperation with the European Universities in the field of higher education and lifelong learning in particular, deriving from the “Europe 2020” strategy – 10 year European strategy for Economic Development, the strategic framework for EU cooperation in Education – “ET 2020” and the Bologna process.

In particular, the Center provides the services as follows:
– English language educational service;
– Technological support service;
– Resource center service: learning materials, website and e-database support;
– Assessment and examination office service;
– Outreach coordinator service;
– Employment guidance and consultancy.