The summer school of the Erasmus + “The Development of Educational and Research Capacities of Kyrgyzstan” (DERECKA) project

The second week of the Summer School “Development of educational and research potential of Kyrgyzstan” within the ERASMUS + DERECKA project framework has begun. The participants are trained by leading professors and researchers from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (Germany), Brunel University London (UK) and Vilnius Technical University of Gediminas (Lithuania).

This week, master and PhD students from K. Dikambaev Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, I. Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University, N. Isanov Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture, Osh State University, KI. Scriabin Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, International University of the Kyrgyz Republic, and International School of Medicine. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of Big data management, preparing a group presentation, and starting and completing doctoral studies.

Participants will also listen to several seminars on the administration of PhD studies in the UK, quality assurance in higher education and doctoral studies, and learn about the proper supervision of PhD doctoral students.

The summer school agenda comprises 72 hours of lectures, workshops and group work. Upon completing the program, participants will get a certificate of completion of the training. The summer school will end on August 20, 2021