Study visit  within of Tempus Project -  (SSDS).

Study visit within of Tempus Project – (SSDS).

The general aim of SSDS project is to establish in Higher Education Institutions from GE/KZ/KG/AZ/IL advanced and up-dated services to students and alumni, based on specially designed methodologies and tools according to the best European practices, able to meet the needs of a globalised world and to develop a quality assurance culture among students and staff.

Study visit initiated by the Kyrgyz partner universities within of Tempus Project – “Student Support and Development Services” (SSDS).
The main goals of the seminar / study visit:

1. Introduction of the on-line information system SSDS STAR;
2. Workshops in each university to manage and administrate the platform;
3. Overview of users on three level such as students and administrative staff, Student Support officers, IT specialist
4. Interactive trainings to moderate and facilitate new services to students;
5. Strengthening communication between partner universities;
6. Development of active plan on on-line platform management;
7. Active involvement of students to project activities;
8. Dissemination of project ideas and results.

The participants of the seminar / study visit:
– BerSheeva State Universit, Israel;
– SAPIR University college, Israel;
– Issykkul State University n.a. K.Tynystanov, Karakol, Kyrgyzstan;
– Talas State University, Talas, Kyrgyzstan;
– Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I.Razzakov, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Dates of the seminar: The seminar / study visits were conducted in three universities in Kyrgyzstan from 13th to 18th of July, 2015.

As results, outcomes of Study visit, and workshop we could declare following:
1. SAPIR University team prepared three sites for three universities in Kyrgyzstan:
2. IKSU website was developed together with both universities as pilot to demonstrate innovative service to students as it was mentioned in SSDS project proposal;
3. SAPIR team provide interactive trainings and workshops to universities on three level: students, IT specialists and SSO staff on the base on the real websites;
4. Students, SSO staff and IT specialist learned about on-line information system, tools, operative and informative functionality of website;
5. BSU provide Quality management of the team working
6. SAPIR provide access to SSDS Moodle platform where each participants could operate with questionnaires, learned about project;
7. Each team developed active plan to SSDS STAR platform working until launching. Deadline to that is 17.09.15.
8. Discussion about sustainability and future projects.

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