Seminars within Tempus Project – HONOR

Seminars within Tempus Project – HONOR

On the 14th and 15th of September 2015 on basis of the Academy of the State Administration under the President of Kyrgyz Republic a series of seminars and training were held within the “Honor” pproject of the TEMPUS program funded by the European Union and aimed at modernization of higher education.

During these two days a number of training were held, such as “Anti-corruption drive”, “Human Resource Management”; in addition there was held a consultative meeting on the e-learning platform Moodle, that is supposed to be used to build a training and professional development of civil servants.

The main goal of the “HONOR” project is a development and improvement of the training in general, a training of civil servants and an improvement of the public sector, to promote the principles of transparency, ethics and democracy, building a strong, modern and an efficient state.

The implementation of the goals is accomplished by conducting training courses on various topics related to governance aiming at various target groups, senior management, as well as representatives of civil society.

Participants of the seminars are representatives of Kyrgyz and European Universities, and government oficials.