Online seminar within the framework of the Erasmus+ AgroDEV project

On 8th of April, 2021, the online seminar was held for national academic, industrial and government bodies in Kyrgyzstan, within the framework of the Erasmus + project “Development of Higher Education Content Aimed to Support Industries for Sustainable
Production of Qualitative Agri-food (AgroDev).

The aim of the workshop was to familiarize and evaluate the scoping analysis to identify preconditions and issues to be considered when developing new training modules for agriculture-related curricula.

The seminar was attended by the Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva, National Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Programme in Kyrgyzstan, representatives of the Naryn State University, the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University, associate partners of the project, representatives of farms, cooperatives, associations and agro-clusters, as well as representatives of government departments: the Ministry of Education, agriculture, economics, health care and others.

During the event, the participants discussed the goals and objectives of the Easmus+ AgroDev project, analyzed the identified prerequisites and challenges that must be taken into account when developing new modules, discussed the readiness of the sector and agricultural enterprises to develop and implement GAP and approaches to sustainable management, as well as the participants discussed the issue of direct cooperation between universities and enterprises.