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Seminar on governance of universities in the context of globalization

On 6-7th of June 2017 National Erasmus + Office in the Kyrgyz Republic held a seminar on the theme: «The new administrative and management approaches in higher education» for the managers and top managers of higher educational institutions.
The main guest mister Livia Matei, professor, doctor, and expert on higher education reform in the European Union, which has experience in the universities of Romania, Hungary and the United States held extensive consultations on the policy in higher education and implemented research projects in applied policy for the World Bank, UNESCO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the European Commission and other international organizations (intergovernmental and non – governmental), the national authorities and universities in Europe and Asia.
The main goal of the seminar was to discuss the trends in the management of universities in the light of globalization, internationalization, interaction with government departments in the field of education, the division of duties and functions, academic and financial freedom and accountability, modern management models of higher educational institutions: approaches to selecting top managers, financial management and financial sustainability, as well as the European expert presented the best practices on the subject at prospect as the European Union.