Third call -CBHE


Environmental Protection in Central Asia (EPCA):
Disaster Risk Management with Spatial Methods

Coordinator: Lund University

Extra-Regio NUTS 3

Project Description:
Central Asia (CA) needs modernization and capacity building on environmental protection techniques to reduce huge human and economic losses caused by disasters originated from improper environmental management. The aim of this project is sustainable capacity building in CA for environmental protection, using spatial methods. A consortium consisting of EU and non-EU partners as well as local stakeholders (including associate partners) in CA will collaborate in this project. Three innovative and blended courses on applications of spatial information science and technologies for environmental protection and disaster risk management will be developed, based on Bologna framework, to be taught in HEIs. The courses will be developed based on the needs of stakeholders and the region in general. E-learning systems will be setup in partner universities to offer the courses to stakeholders and students on a distance and blended mode, besides in campus training. It is in line with meeting the priority of the region on using ICT-based and flexible education in CA. An internet-based information Management System for Environmental Protection (iMSEP) will be developed and implemented for the stakeholders to be used for the collection, storage, management and analysis of spatial information for a better knowledge-based environmental protection. Training of trainers will be conducted for partner universities on how to teach and update the courses. Special training will take place, both in EU and CA, on how to use and support iMSEP. It guarantees the sustainability of using and supporting iMSEP in the region. Four workshops with the participation of HEIs, stakeholders, associate partners and students will be hold to disseminate the outcomes/outputs of the project. Culturing the use of spatial methods for environmental protection and enterprise-university cooperation will be motivated and addressed during the project, especially in the workshops. All outcomes will be evaluated.

Wider objectives:
Capacity building on using spatial methods for a better environmental protection to reduce disaster risks in Central Asia

Specific objectives:
Developing innovative and blended courses in SIST for environmental protection and disaster risk management (EP-DiRiM)
• Training of trainers (ToT)
• Improving quality of education and teaching
• System development (iMSEP)
• Dissemination of the outcomes
• Developing HEIs within society

Partners from Kyrgyzstan:
– Kyrgyz State University named after I.Arabaev
– Osh State University

– National Technical University of Athens
– Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
– University of Minho
– Urgench State University named after Al-Khorazmiy
– Karakalpak State University named after Berdakh

Duration: 36 month


Development of a Bologna-based Master Curriculum in Resource Efficient Production Logistics (ProdLog)

Coordinator: Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Universitätspl. 2, 39106 Magdeburg

Project Description:
Wider objectives:
To improve the number and the qualification of managers in resource efficient production logistics in the partner countries Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, capable to satisfy the needs of national and international companies in building up a production industry with sustainable and environmentallyfriendly production methods for a growing prosperity in long term.

Specific objectives:
1. To develop and implement an interdisciplinary resource efficient production logistics programme for master students in RU, KZ and KYR with about 18 modules (120 ECTS) in conformity with the Bologna process by February 2019;
2. To qualify the staff in the partner country universities in accordance to the special requirements of the masters programme in resource efficient production logistics by October 2018;
3. To create professional and methodical structures in accordance to ECTS in the partner country universities that ensure anchorage of the new MSc beyond the end of the project by October 2019;
4. To intensify the cooperation in the area of production logistics education between universities and logistics companies and companies needing logistics specialists by October 2018.

Partners from Kyrgyzstan:
– Kyrgyz National Agrarian University
– Kyrgyz State Technical University

– SIGMA Clermont
– University of Applied Sciences Landshut
– University of Miskolc
– Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education ”Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University
– Volga State University of Water Transport
– German-Kazakh University
– Kazakh Academy Transport and Communications after M. Tynyshpayev

Duration: 36 month