Monitoring of TEMPUS project UNICO

On 4th of December 2017 on the basis of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University named after B. Yeltsin a monitoring of the Tempus project ”
Lifelong Language Learning University Centre Network for New Career Opportunities and Personal Development” (UNICO) took place.

Welcome speech was made by the assistant to the rector, Mr. E. Garkavets, who noted the project’s contribution to the development of the University as a whole, attracting foreign students, the internationalization of the University, recognition of the University beyond Central Asia.

In the framework of the project activities teachers of the medical faculty received training to improve their skills.

In implementation of UNICO project were involved 2 Kyrgyz Universities: KRSU and NSU.

The coordinators of the partner universities made a report on the impact and sustainability of the project.

According to the results of monitoring the National coordinator of Erasmus+ in Kyrgyzstan gave a recommendations to the project team.