Monitoring of the Tempus Project — UNIVIA

A monitoring of the Tempus Project “Development and improvement of the University Administration on International Affairs – (UNIVIA)” was conducted by Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva, National Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme in Kyrgyzstan at the Kyrgyz Economic University on 27th of August 2015.

The purpose of the UNIVIA is to establish a special mechanism based on the European as well as own education traditions which can help the partner Universities to make the IRO mission and tasks more clear, to create International education area with the diversity of students and staff, to become a HEI with global connections, to integrate in world networks of the HEIs, to be among the internationally recognized top Universities.

Vice – rector for the International Relations and Innovation of the KEU – Mr. Keneshbek Alymbekov made a welcoming speech. He outlined the importance of the Tempus Project – UNIVIA for the Kyrgyz HEIs, also impact of the Tempus projects on the overall development of the University.
Report on the implementation of the Tempus project – UNIVIA was presented by project coordinator, the head of the International Department of KEU – Almaz Kydyraliev. His report indicated the main goals and objectives of Tempus UNIVIA, stages of implementation and progress report of the project.

Interim Report within the framework of the project was presented by Ms. Bekboeva Rahat, representative of the International University of Kyrgyzstan, partners of the project.

After the presentations and discussions of the project, the National Coordinator of the Erasmus+ in Kyrgyzstan – Mrs. G. Chokusheva summed up the results of monitoring.