Coordination meeting within of the TEMPUS project  - PROMIS

Monitoring of the TEMPUS Project – PROMIS

A monitoring of the Tempus Project “Reseau Professionnel de Masters “Informatique Seconde Competence” – (PROMIS)” was conducted by Programme manager A4 EACEA Ms. Roisin McCabe and National Coordinator of Erasmus+ Programme in Kyrgyzstan Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva. at the Kyrgyz State Technical University on 6th of November 2015.

The monitoring was attended by teachers involved in the project activities, students  and  administrative staff of the project.

According to the monitoring program participants presented their progress reports on the project.  Main speakers were: Israilova Nella – representative form  KSTU and Attokurov Aibek –  representative  from OshTU.

During the  monitoring participants discussed issues arising in the implementation of the project.

After the presentations and discussions of the project, the National Coordinator of the Erasmus+ in Kyrgyzstan – Ms. G. Chokusheva summed up the results of monitoring.