Monitoring visit to the Erasmus+ EUCA-Invest project

The National Erasmus+ Office in Kyrgyzstan took part on monitoring visit of the Erasmus+ project “Investing in Entrepreneurial Universities in Caucasus and Central Asia” (EUCAINVEST). The monitoring was conducted by the National Erasmus+ Office in Georgia.

The general objective of EUCA INVEST is to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship and creativity within the HE in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, as well as strengthening the role of higher education institutions as an active interested party has made for socio-economic development of society by strengthening the cooperation of the corporate University and the academic level of the industry, as well as between the EU and beneficiary countries.

The Ilia State University, the Caucasus University, the Bank of Georgia University reported on results of the implementation of the project and strategies for sustainability of Crealabs, established under the project.

The working groups presented examples of students startups, which are the results of innovative idea of students, specific trainings, mentoring and guiding, technical and human support of the university staff.

Georgian partners expressed willingness to cooperate with Kyrgyz partners in future projects.