Results of Erasmus+ call

Results of Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility for 2015-2017 yy

One of the four international Erasmus+ actions, ICM funds short-term higher education mobility of students and staff between Programme and Partner Countries. The action is decentralised and managed by the National Agencies of the 33 Erasmus+ Programme Countries.

For 2015-2017yy, students and teachers from 22 Universities of Kyrgyzstan benefited from 321 mobilites to universities of European countries. At the same time, Kyrgyz  universities hosted 55 students and teachers from the Programme Countries, as Austria,  Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

Leaders in terms of the number of mobility projects for 3 years are the Kyrgyz State Technical University, American University in Central Asia and Ala-Too International University.

Below are the data for the whole country on the number of mobilities for 3 calls.

ICM results for 2015-2017