HERE seminar on Joint Programmes and Degrees.

HERE seminar on Joint Programmes and Degrees.

Joint programmes and joint degrees are increasingly seen as a strategic means to internationalise higher education institutions, as they offer not only unique mobility opportunities to students, but also to teaching and administrative staff, contribute to improving and internationalising curricula, and also consolidating strategic partnerships and enhancing the institutions’ international connectivity.. Though they can take many formats, they usually require considerable resources in their conception and management, and are subject to a number of challenges and risks – starting from conflicts with institutional and national regulations, to issues of quality assurance and financial sustainability.

The topic of joint degrees in particular has been prioritized by the Higher Education Reform Experts in the 2015 needs-assessment. HEREs have expressed interest in the planning and design of joint programmes as well as their respective management, promotion and sustainability.

The seminar held on 17-18 March 2016 in Novi Sad (Serbia) tried to address all these issues. It referenced and promoted existing guidelines and good practice that have been developed in European projects and initiatives, and provided strategic advice.

Kyrgyzstan was represented by the HEREs in KR – Mr. Ermek Baibagyshov and Ms. Guldastan Berdikulova, NEO staff member – Ms. Aisulu Imashova at the event.

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