Tasks at national level

Higher Education Reform Experts will participate in the development of policy and reforms deriving from the Lisbon and Bologna agenda in their country. They may also be invited to devise Lisbon or Bologna development strategies with non-academic bodies such as industrial, cultural or social organizations as long as they are in line with national strategies.

At the institutional level, Higher Education Reform Experts will work on counseling and advising higher education institutions with regard to the introduction and implementation of the national and institutional Lisbon and Bologna strategy. In particular, they will provide assistance on the three areas above.

Experts with specialist knowledge and experience in aspects of Bologna priority areas may be requested to participate in the development of training activities for Higher Education Reform Experts in those areas.

Finally, Higher Education Reform Experts will be actively involved in all kinds of promotional and awareness-raising activities.

Tasks at international scale

  1. a) National institutions which have need of specific counseling or expertise which is not available from the National Higher Education Reform Team of its own country may, via the National Tempus Office, request advice or in-situ assistance from Higher Education Reform Experts of another country.
  2. b) From time to time the Commission may invite the national authorities to nominate Higher Education Reform Experts to design and deliver at international level training courses intended for other Experts who are actively involved in the promotion of Higher Education reforms in their own country. Such courses may be undertaken as plenary meetings involving members from all Higher Education Reform National Teams, or for specific groups of National Teams where synergies or logistics make such an approach preferable.