Credit mobility: the well-known Erasmus programme is for the first time open to non EU universities, students and staff. Erasmus+ funds credit mobility i.e. student mobility between 3 and 12 months (in both directions) to obtain credits in a host institution, which are then recognised by the home institution. European citizens will have an opportunity to study or teach at higher education institutions worldwide, and non-European students and teachers will be able to study, teach and train in Europe, i.e. this is an opportunity of learning, teaching and training in Europe and beyond for representatives from all sectors of education and training. University staff are agents of change in their home institutions.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of inter-institutional agreements between universities from «Programme»1 and Partner countries. This action is decentralised and managed by a network of National Agencies in Programme Countries. This action is open to participation from higher education institutions worldwide, though only institutions from Programme Countries can submit applications to their National Agency.

Presentation about action you can find on our website under Publications section.