Erasmus+ Information Day

Information Day of the Erasmus+ Programme 2019!

The National Erasmus+Office in Kyrgyzstan organised the “Erasmus+ Info Day” which was held on 20th of November 2018 at the basis of the International University of Kyrgyzstan

The aim of Information Day was to present 2019 Calls of the Erasmus+ programme focusing on opportunities for HEIs  from Kyrgyzstan. A special attention was paid to the opportunities for projects supporting mobility of students and staff – International Credit Mobiliity, as well as Jean Monnet activities.

More than 151 participants took part; along with representatives from French Institute for Central Asian Studies, the Delegation of the European Commission.

Mr. Eduard Auer, Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic and Ms. Ainura Adieva, Rector of International University of Kyrgyzstan opened the day by welcoming the speakers and guests.

Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva, National Coordinator of the Erasmus + Program in Kyrgyzstan, introduced participants with the program and the purpose of the infoday.

Ms. Catherine POUJOL, Director of the French Institute for Central Asian Studies presented the Possibilities of cooperation with French higher education institutions.

Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva, National Coordinator of the Erasmus + Program in Kyrgyzstan provided presentation on component of Erasmus+ Programme – Capacity building in field of Higher Education, the selection process and results of the 4th call for proposals, overviewed the needed requirements for applying to Erasmus+ new call of proposals, which was launched on 24th of October 2018.

Ms. Guldastan Berdikulova, Project manager of NEO Kyrgyzstan presented International Credit mobility and requirements for applying to Erasmus+ new call of proposals.

During the inforamtion day the information on Jean Monnet activities was provided.

The  Best practice from Kyrgyz Universities on Erasmus+ (CBHE and ICM) Project Management Model was shared bySuerkulova Nurkyz, Head of Educational Department of ADAM University and LMPT – Erasmus+ project working group member

Ms. Gulnara Chokusheva closed the Information Day and wish participants success in applying for the new call for proposals.

The presentations are available on Publication section.