Central Asian network in Environmental and Occupational Health

Central Asian network in Environmental and Occupational Health

Since universities perceive their prestige as closely linked to their master & doctoral programs, the lack of resources and expertise can be covered by the development of an appropriate set of PhD and MSc courses in environmental and occupational health to prepare strongly needed graduates in such disciplines. MSc & PhD programs can strongly benefit from international cooperation and from state-of-the-art teaching technologies.

By inititaive of the International school of medicine (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) and the University of Milan the regional educational project “Central Asian Network for Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental and Occupational Health” (CANERIEH) is realized in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan in 2012-2015. The project consortium included six medical universities from these Central Asian countries, the University of Milan (Italy), the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and University of Tartu (Estonia). The project financed by European Commission TEMPUS program allowed to reach several significant goals.

First, they started capacity building in education and research in these fields. The training trainers was provided for teaching staff and researchers. PhD programs have been successfully introduced in participating Central Asian universities. Centers for education, research & innovation in Occupational & Environmental Health established in these universities and created the network for collaborative activities. PhD students are recruited and started their training and research activities.

The second project «Strengthening Network for Education, Research and Innovation in Environmental Health in Asia» / TUTORIAL 2016-2019 is sponsored by European Commission ERASMUS Plus program become a continuation of the first international project.
Main objective of the TUTORIAL project is strengthening research capacities in partner countries in areas of public health, promoting a sound exchange of information and building capacities between higher education institutions of European Union and Central Asia. This objective wil be achieved tuning existing doctoral studies, developing new MSc programs in relevant areas and implementing blended learning approach. The project will enhance the quality & relevance of higher education across European and Central Asian regions and India in environmental and occupational health and improve their capacity for sustainable international cooperation, thus collaborating at the creating a long lasting excellence international network, to continue its activities after the end of the project period.

The revised and newly introduced MSc & PhD programs will strenghen educational & research capacity of health systems in partner countries.
It will become a base for preparation of skilled & knowledgable environmental and occupational health specialists for health care systems in Central Asian countries.

Established Managed Learning Environment systems at Universities and introduced blended learning using the problem based learning in teaching & learning will improve students’ thinking skills, problem solving abilities, and collaborative development of knowledge.
Alltogether, it will enhance capacity & quality of higher education and produced human resources for public health systems in Central Asian countries.
In July, 2-21 2017, 25 teachers from 7 medical universities of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and India were trained at the summer school organized by the University of Milan (Italy), the Technical University Berlin (Germany) and University of Tartu (Estonia). Teachers were selected on competition based with requirements of professional knowledge in areas of public health and B2 level of Enlglish language knwoledge and skills.

The program of the school included issues of Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Public Health, Epidemiological studies, Biostatistics and development of teaching and learning materials for blended learning. Provided lectures and workshops covered all topics relevant to Central Asiana and Indian reality.

The second summer school on teaching teahcniques will be held in Kyrgyzstan next summer, in 2018.