The Erasmus+ project PAWER

5th Steering Committee meeting of the Erasmus+ PAWER project

Kyrgyz National Agrarian University hosts 5th Steering Committee meeting of the Erasmus+ project,PAWER – “Paving the way to interregional mobility and ensuring relevance, quality and equity of access” on 21-22nd May, 2019

Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, the project team, university rectors of the KG partners , as well as the national coordinator of the NEO are participating in this event.

The project intends to harmonise the credit allocation and grading system in 5 study areas jointly developed in previous projects in 23 institutions from 8 countries belonging to 4 different regions, besides EU, providing a reliable scheme for credit and grades transfer, and is based on previous experiences of the partnership in TEMPUS Programme in CA, Caucasus, Russia and Asia and EMA2 projects in the same regions, and on the new ECTS Guide and pilot project EGRACONS.